in numbers

We employ nearly 500 people including over 300 seamstresses

6 millions of bed sheets were produced in 2016

800 thousands of mattress covers were made in 2016

The surface of company is 13900 m2 and

The area around company reaches nearly 20000 m2

6 production halls are over 9700 m2, 9700 m2 including:

  • 4 sewing machines with an area of over 5200 m2
  • The hall of chain pickers and cutlery tables is 3000 m2
  • The hall of machines sewing handles for covers for mattresses together with warehouse of finished covers is 1500 m2

MAMMUT P2A/240 fully automatic, two-head and one-needle sewing machine for sewing intricate patterns

6 multi-needle chain quilting machines for the production of quilted components

Tajima embroidery machine for embroidering intricate, multicolored patterns on bed sheets and mattress covers

5 modern tables for cutting materials

Over200 modern professional sewing machines of many types and purposes

5 lifts for the efficient placement of finished covers

1 metal detector for cover cases to provide 100% safety assurance

1 press to compress mattress covers before shipping to the customer to save cargo space on the truck and reduce transportation costs

7 tables for fast packing of ready-made linen

2 high and low storage warehouses occupy an additional 4200 m2

4 loading ramps needed for efficient loading of finished products.

6 semitrailer tractors with semi-trailers